About Us


We care about the environment. We care about you.
We are a professional manufacturer and seller of outdoor curtains. Our factory has been engaged in production in this field for many years. Our customer service team also has extensive experience. Our main products are outdoor waterproof curtains and indoor flame retardant curtains.
Your ultimate destination for finding the Environment friendly curtains.
Suchoutdoors is on a mission to not only provide the best quality outdoor curtains around the globe but to play our part to make our environment safe.
Outdoor curtains that are especially tailored to fit your needs.
Suchoutdoors is a brand focused on designing finest quality environment friendly curtains that suit your aesthetics. At Suchoutdoor we care about our environment. So, we never compromise on choosing material that is sustainable yet suits your everyday needs.
We let you decide according to your taste.
We are one of a kind, delivering a wide variety of professionally crafted outdoor curtains. Customer satisfaction is our priority so we never compromise on quality. To make your curtain buying experience worth it, we take custom orders, so you can decide according to your taste. Choose your favorite color from a wide range of options or go for a dreamy print.  We will deliver your dream curtains at your door step. Customers call it a hassle free buying experience, we call it our brand objective.
Our top secret for returning buyers? We pay attention to minor details.
We are committed to providing the best quality products at the most affordable price. We pay attention to even minor details. That means from choosing the right material to fabric processing and dyeing, we examine each and every step till the package is at your doorstep.
Suchoutdoors thrives to make your each moment spent outdoors memorable, with our professionally tailored curtains. Bad weather? No problem, go for our waterproof outdoor curtains.
Love nice breezy days?
Choose our sheer curtains which are light and airy.
A funky print fan? Or looking for something to suit your aesthetics?
We are happy to take your personalized orders.
Give your balconies and terraces an aesthetic look with Suchoutdoor curtains. Our waterproof and fire resistant outdoor curtains are designed to meet unpredictable challenges of each day. Either you are planning a barbeque in the yard or enjoying your evening tea in the balcony, our curtains will be your forever companions!
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Email: service@suchoutdoor.com