How to Choose Outdoor Curtains?

The People's time spent on outdoor activities at home is gradually increasing, and the use of outdoor curtains has become a major trend. This decoration is suitable for secluded places such as pavilions, decks, swimming pools, balconies, porches, and even backyards that require fashionable elements. Outdoor curtains are also a simple and all-weather decoration method, which not only brings comfort and attraction to your yard, but also provides necessary cooling and personal privacy for your daily life. They create a warm space in your yard and bring a unique visual and emotional experience. I will elaborate on how to choose outdoor curtains from the following aspects.

Aspect 1: Having a deep understanding of the material types and suspension design of outdoor curtains is our primary consideration when choosing curtains

Material type - How to choose the fabric for outdoor curtains?

Polyester fiber: This fabric is made by blending polyester yarn. Polyester fiber is one of the most popular textiles in the world, and polyester outdoor curtains are the most commonly used. Polyester fibers can also come with various prints and colors. It is loved by people for its elegant drape. Our waterproof curtain fabric is based on this material, while adding a waterproof coating on the surface of the fabric. The addition of this layer of coating enhances the waterproof performance of the fabric, while also making it resistant to mold, UV rays, and fading. We have 24 colors of outdoor waterproof fabric.

Polyethylene based fabric: It is a durable material. They also possess advanced commercial surface treatment technology, so the design of these fabrics can adapt to harsh environmental and temperature conditions. If the fabric is injected or treated with anti mold and anti decay solutions, its effect will be even better.

Olefin: It is a synthetic fabric, also known as polypropylene, with non fading and UV resistant properties, making it particularly suitable for outdoor environments exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, it is a long-lasting and durable material. Olefin fabrics are soft and lightweight, with fast drying speed, making them very suitable for homeowners in rainy areas.

Acrylic acid: commonly known as acrylic, it can be quickly dried without fading and can also be made into bright colors and endless patterns, making acrylic fabric very attractive in outdoor curtains. Unfortunately, these fabrics are often prone to generating static electricity, which attracts particles and fur. They get dirty quickly and even worse if kept as pets, so they are not the best choice.

Canvas: Thick woven fabric made from cotton. This is a durable and sturdy material with a rough texture. Its strong water absorption makes it bulky and difficult to manage after heavy rain. Canvas dries slowly, and if not properly maintained, there is a risk of mold. It is expected that on rainy days, outdoor canvas curtains should be put away. But mixing cotton with synthetic fibers can make canvas more waterproof. This canvas blend material is an excellent choice for outdoor fabrics. Synthetic fiber outdoor canvas curtains are superior to ordinary canvas curtains.


Hanging Style - How to choose the hanging method for outdoor curtains?

Grommet : divided into top grommet, top & bottom grommet. Easy to install, modern and fashionable in appearance, and also the most commonly used suspension method. This style uses a circular grommet to connect the curtain to the pole, allowing the panel to slide smoothly in any direction. Please note that the width of the curtain rod should be smaller than the width of the circular grommet.

Tab Top : The tab top provides a more traditional and elegant appearance. The pull loop can be made using Velcro, which derives the Velro Tab Top method, making hanging curtains more convenient. It is worth mentioning that the outdoor curtains on the tab top have strong wind resistance, and even if they constantly sway in strong winds, they will not be damaged by pulling. Its wind resistance is stronger than Grommets.

pocket top:The pocket top allows the curtain fabric to easily run on its own, creating a pocket where the pole can fit perfectly. This is the most stable way to hang curtains. You can use the combination of the top Grommets and bottom Rod Pockets. We offer various options for top and bottom combinations. As long as you choose when placing an order or let us know your requirements after placing an order, we will confirm your special requirements through email.

Wire hanger: Installing outdoor curtains with wire is an inexpensive way to decorate the backyard. It is to replace the curtain rod with steel wire. (Please refer to FAQ 5 in the following text for specific instructions)
Aspect 2: Understanding the use of outdoor curtains can provide a deeper understanding of their value - how to choose outdoor curtains based on their purpose?
In the process of buying outdoor curtains, we must understand its various uses. Only by having a clear idea of the real value that a purchase will bring can we be sure that we get our money's worth. This value can be reflected in all aspects of life, but also to meet our emotional needs. At the same time, it can also let us understand what kind of help this curtain can have on our daily life, whether the help is substantive or spiritual, as long as it touches the function of our deep desire to achieve, we will feel that they are buying a very useful item, rather than blindly consumption. Only in this way can we truly achieve the best use of everything and make every penny spent meaningfully.

We also offer 100% blackout curtains, which have a black back that completely blocks light and provides high privacy protection. Additionally, they have other functions of outdoor waterproof curtains. 


1. Protecting privacy

One of the important reasons why people choose outdoor curtains is to protect privacy. Different materials can be selected based on the required privacy level. Different styles provide varying degrees of privacy. for example,Sheers can allow sufficient light to pass through while providing a certain level of privacy. And thicker curtains made of opaque fabric can provide the fullest privacy. We also offer 100% blackout curtains, which have a black back that completely blocks light and provides high privacy protection. Additionally, they have other functions of outdoor waterproof curtains.

 outdoor curtains Block sunlight
  1. Block sunlight
Many of us only hope to have a shaded place to avoid the scorching sun and provide a mild alternative to Arctic artificial and expensive air conditioning. If you yearn for fresh air, try capturing natural sounds and appreciating real light. But if you hate sunlight, you should choose darker and heavier fabrics to resist it, otherwise you will be unhappy because light colored fabrics cannot block the heat.If insects are annoying and citronella candles are annoying, dark curtains can also minimize these annoying creatures to the greatest extent possible. Our 24 color outdoor waterproof curtains have a shading ability between 70% -85%, and the shading ability varies depending on the color.

 3. Block insects, allergens, and wind

outdoor curtains Block insects, allergens, and wind

Everyone loves to go outdoors in summer, but they also hate mosquitoes and other insects! However, when you have outdoor curtains, insects will start wandering your porch at night, and you just need to close the curtains. Curtains can also block out the wind, which is very useful if you are entertaining outdoors and need to avoid things such as plates and cups being blown away by the wind.

4. Decorative

Outdoor curtains Decorative

For those of us enamored with the romance of French open cafes or the mysterious Moorish "Lawrence of Arabia" vibe, solid colored materials will enhance the effect. The weight of our solid color outdoor curtain fabric is 350 grams per square meter. This kind of thick feeling and then the curtain made of high stability has a good hanging feeling, so that the curtain is more beautiful and elegant, and it is a good decoration of your outdoor space. And the ethereal, gauzy outdoor gauze curtain, the kind of wind floating in the beautiful feeling creates a full of alluring atmosphere, evoking the fleeting emotions of those fleeting warm days.

Whether you choose heavy or gauzy curtains, you can create your own look by adding eerie lanterns, exotic pillows and casual blankets, vintage, modern, rustic or Bohemian shapes. For the DIY enthusiast, there are many ways to express creativity through outdoor curtains: tie-dye, thin mosquito nets, canvas or painted tarps or tablecloths. In practical applications, no matter what kind of material curtains can play a decorative role, providing instant shelter and outdoor decoration. No need for fancy curtains. I would recommend using a rope ring as a preferable curtain hanging, easy to hang cleaning or the end of the season cleaning. Lace-ups give people a lot of ideas. Make your own or custom transparent outdoor curtains to express the typical call of a lazy summer.

Aspect 3: Taking into account the climate and environment to better withstand bad weather fit the overall style of the curtain fabric should have the ability - how to choose the various capabilities of the curtain?

If you live in an area with high winds or frequent rain, it is especially important to choose a curtain made of durable, weather-resistant materials. This kind of curtain can not only resist the invasion of wind and rain, but also effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, so that the curtain is not easy to fade or deteriorate for a long time. In addition, for a sunny terrace, it is also wise to choose a curtain with anti-ultraviolet function, which can help you reduce the sun's damage to the furniture and floor, while protecting you and your family's skin from sun damage. When choosing outdoor curtains, in addition to considering its durability and weather resistance, you also need to pay attention to the color of the curtains. A curtain coordinated with the overall tone of outdoor decoration can not only enhance the beauty of the outdoor, but also create a harmonious and unified visual effect. By taking these factors into account, you can find outdoor curtains that look great and will withstand the elements for years to come.

how to choose the various capabilities of the curtain

  • Waterproof
When we choose curtains, we all hope to choose a waterproof curtain, especially for people living in rainy areas, waterproof curtains are undoubtedly the best choice. Just like the curtains on our website, all of them are made of high-quality 100% polyester fiber fabric. On the surface of the curtains, we also take into account the waterproof treatment for outdoor use, which has a waterproof coating and has passed the waterproof performance test. Do not worry, this waterproof coating is made of a material harmless to the human body, which is very safe and environmentally friendly. Our curtains are really waterproof. Whether it is a heavy rain or a thunderstorm, the water will flow down the surface of our waterproof outdoor curtains, and a drop will not be soaked by the fabric, which means that they will not be damaged by contact with the wet environment, and it is easy to maintain.
  • Mildew proof
Just as the food will become mildew if it is placed for a long time and expires, we must also think, will the curtains soon become moldy? It won't appear! Our curtains, at the time of production, have taken these factors into account, so we specially do mildew treatment to prevent outdoor conditions and weather effects, can resist all fungi, mold, and do not have to worry about the growth of moisture bacteria and the appearance of mold spots!
  • UV protection

A lot of people, the design of their homes, are completely exposed to direct sunlight in the outdoor area, but they are afraid of sunburn, but also very much want to drink tea, dinner and so on, what to do? For this reason, many people are very distressed, so can the purchase of curtains play a role? You choose the curtains of our website to choose the right, our website curtains with triple weaving technology, this technology is very advanced, can effectively block heat and filter UV, so as to avoid your curtain area affected by bad weather conditions.

  • anti-fading

Even in a harsh environment, our curtains will not fade, as we all know, fading is very affect the beauty of the space, and will make the curtains look very old, if there are guests to visit the home, we will be super embarrassed, but the curtains of our website are anti-fading, can maintain the original color, can last a long time, when friends come to visit the home, You will be very envious to see that our curtains have not faded but still retain the original variety of patterns and colors!  Especially some poor quality curtains, there is no anti-fading process like our curtains, once the summer passes, it suddenly falls into other colors, please rest assured that our curtains will not have this problem, you can use at least two or three years.

  • Wind resistance

The heavier the curtain has better wind resistance, the breeze can not blow the curtain and slightly swing in the wind in the high wind, which is the performance of the outdoor curtain with excellent wind resistance. Our fabric is heavy, and the performance in the wind is the above level. If your environment is often windy and you want to make the curtain heavier, we have a magnetic weight block that can be attached to the bottom of the curtain to satisfy you. If the wind is very strong in your yard, then I think you should consider the bottom fixed way to hang your curtains. We can add Grommets or Rod Pocket to the bottom of the curtain, so you just install a curtain rod at the bottom, so that the top and bottom of the curtain can be fixed, it will not be strong wind resistance? Of course, if you want to secure the bottom and do not want to install the bottom curtain rod, we also have a solution, that is to add a back tab at the bottom two corners of your curtain, you can rope through it and secure to the posts on both sides

  • Insulation capacity
Our 24 color outdoor curtains and 100% blackout curtains have a certain degree of thermal insulation. The thicker the fabric insulation ability is stronger This is easy to understand, the thickness of our solid color curtain determines that it has thermal insulation ability, and the 100% blackout curtain insulation ability is stronger. But the thermal insulation capacity of these two curtains is limited, they can provide you with warmth in summer and fall, when the weather changes occasionally, but can not maintain the temperature for a long time in the cold winter. Another of our outdoor curtains is a fabric specially developed for winter, which adds cotton in the middle of two layers of outdoor waterproof solid color fabric. The visually visible thickness and cotton insulation make our winter thermal curtains look very warm. If you want to interact freely in your outdoor space in the winter, then our curtains are a great choice.

Aspect 4 : Determine the level of privacy required to seek more suitable curtains. -- How to choose the shade of the curtain?


How to choose the shade of the curtain

When looking for curtains that meet your needs for privacy and light, you may be faced with two choices. One is to use transparent curtains that provide you with a degree of privacy during the day, while still being able to let natural light through and liven up your living space. The light transmission of transparent curtains provides enough light for your work and life during the day, while avoiding the feeling of depression caused by excessive shading. Another option is to use lined or dark curtains. This kind of curtain has a better shading effect and can effectively block more light, whether it is in the day or at night, giving you more privacy. For the more private person, I recommend you buy dark curtains. In addition, when choosing curtains, in addition to considering privacy and light needs, there is another important factor, that is, the length of the curtain. For maximum privacy protection, make sure to measure your space and choose curtains that completely cover your Windows for maximum privacy. The right length of curtains can effectively block the outside view, providing you with a private and comfortable environment. You can use the right fabrics, lengths and styles to create the perfect atmosphere of privacy and comfort in outdoor Spaces.

Aspect 5: Color and style to show personal characteristics - how to choose the color of the curtain?

 how to choose the color of the curtain

There is scientific evidence that color and style are a reflection of a person's personality. According to the relevant research of psychology, color can affect people's emotions and behaviors, and then reflect a person's personality characteristics. For example, people who like bright colors are usually warm and outgoing, and they have a positive outlook on life, always bringing energy and laughter to those around them. People who like white and beige are usually more gentle, they are considerate, and have a quiet temperament. The color of the outdoor curtain will also affect the atmosphere of the outdoor space, and different colors will bring different feelings.

Current popular colors include off-white, beige, navy, green, white, and gray. Off-white and beige are considered classic and elegant choices, and these colors can be blended with any outdoor decorative style to accentuate the owner's taste without being obtrusive. Navy blue adds a touch of sophistication and modernity, making it a great choice for those looking to bring a touch of modernity to their backyard. Green is a symbol of nature and is a popular choice for those who want to bring a touch of nature to their backyard. Grey and white are versatile colors that can be paired with any decorative style, both to highlight the owner's personality and to meet the needs of everyday life. We have 24 colors to choose from, including the popular colors mentioned above, as well as some personalized colors. 

If you're not sure which color suits your space and your preferences, then a free booklet with 24 color fabric samples from us is a good option. The sample in the fabric sample is exactly the same as the finished curtain, and what you see is what you will get, so that you will not choose the wrong color of the curtain. 

Showing off your personality in a fun, colorful style is probably the best part of buying outdoor curtains! There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from - whether you're looking for ocean-inspired hues to complement your poolside terrace, greens and browns to blend in with your garden getaway, or any other color scheme you want.

We also offer custom printed curtains. Do you have a favorite photo that you want to turn into an outdoor curtain and hang inside your gazebo so you can see it every time you look up? Then take a look at our custom printed outdoor curtains. After receiving your customized order, we will make the curtain effect drawing of the picture you uploaded and send it to you for confirmation. After modification and confirmation, we will start to make the curtain. What about the renderings you see of the custom curtains you will receive? Isn't that nice. I also think it's wonderful, and I'll be writing a special article about our custom printed outdoor curtains.

Aspect 6: Measure the correct size and length to avoid return and exchange problems

Before buying a curtain, the size and length of the curtain is a very important part. In order to be able to choose the most suitable curtains and avoid the return and exchange problems caused by inappropriate size, we need to make accurate measurements. 

The first thing we need to measure is the width of the window or door frame from which the curtain is to be hung. When measuring, add four to six inches to the sides of the frame, not only to ensure that the gazebo area is fully covered by the curtain, but also to ensure that the curtain has enough fabric to make it look more beautiful. Next, we need to decide on the desired curtain length. According to your personal preference, you can choose to hang the curtain above the ground, which can avoid the curtain being trampled dirty, you can also choose to hang the curtain to the floor, which can increase the sense of space in the room. When measuring the length of the curtain, it is necessary to measure from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom of the desired hem, which can ensure that the size of the curtain is accurate.

How to Measure the correct size of outdoor curtains

If you are interested in Grommet top, it is also important to note when choosing a curtain length that there is usually an inch and a half of fabric at the top of the Grommet . So if you choose an 84-inch curtain, the actual hanging height is about 82.5 inches. When choosing a preset or custom size, remember to subtract 1.5 inches from the length so that you get the actual hanging height of the curtain. 1.5 feet refers to the distance from the very top to the bottom of the curtain rod (curtain loop width is 1.6 inches, curtain rod width is usually 1 inch), the actual hanging height is the height from the ground to the curtain rod. 

For the tab top and pocket tops, the hanging height is consistent with the listed dimensions, because the curtain is measured from the top of the pull ring or rod pocket to the bottom. Therefore, the 84-inch curtain hangs 84 inches from top to bottom. 

When installing curtains, you also need to pay attention to the installation position of the curtains. In general, the curtain rod should be installed 2-3 inches above the opening, which can avoid the curtain blowing up and provide better privacy. In general, accurate measurement and the appropriate installation position are the key to choosing and installing curtains, and only by doing these two points can the curtains add beauty and practicality to your home space. 

  • Curtain width 

Keep in mind the width and desired fullness. Sufficient fullness will ensure that the open curtain has enough wrinkles to be more beautiful. When ordering custom curtains, it is common to increase the curtain width by 150-200% over the actual space width to achieve this full look. Let's say one side of your outdoor gazebo is 10 feet wide, and you want to hang two curtains. What is the minimum width of each curtain in inches? 10 '=120 ", 120*1.5=180 ", then the width of each curtain should be at least 90 inches, so as to ensure enough fullness to be more beautiful.

Aspect 7: Evaluate maintenance and maintenance requirements to extend service life

Evaluate maintenance and maintenance requirements to extend service life

When choosing outdoor curtains, we also need to focus on their maintenance and maintenance difficulty. Be aware that different curtain fabrics and treatment methods may lead to different levels of care needs. Therefore, before buying, be sure to understand the maintenance requirements of curtains in detail to ensure that they can withstand the wind and rain of multiple seasons. In order to keep your curtains in top condition, you need to strictly follow all the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. For example, some curtains need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and stains; Others need to avoid exposure to the sun to avoid fading or damage to the fabric. 

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the vulnerability of curtains to pollution in the outdoor environment. For example, impurities such as leaves, dust, and bird droppings may stick to curtains and affect their beauty. Choosing fabrics that are mildew resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean will greatly reduce your cleaning difficulty and save time and energy. In this way, you can focus more on enjoying the pleasant life of outdoor space without worrying about the maintenance of curtains. In short, choosing curtains that are easy to care for can not only make your life easier, but also add more comfort and coziness to your outdoor space. While following the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can also try some environmentally friendly and energy efficient cleaning methods to protect your curtains and care for the natural environment.

FAQ(frequently asked questions)

  1. How to calculate the width and height of curtains

For example, a 10 'x12' pavilion requires two curtains on each side, and what are the height and width of each curtain

(1 foot equals 12 inches)


Grommets: Assuming the vertical height from the top of the pavilion to the ground is 84 inches, when choosing curtains, if we use the top grommet, we subtract 1.5 inches from the total length of 84 inches to obtain the actual hanging height. Therefore, when we choose 84 inch curtains, the actual hanging height is only 82.5 inches. If we use the top and bottom grommets, we need to subtract 3 inches to obtain the actual hanging height, which is only 81 inches. 1.5 feet refers to the distance from the top of the pavilion to the bottom of the curtain rod (the width of the curtain grommet is 1.6 inches, and the width of the curtain rod is usually 1 inch), and the actual hanging height is the height from the ground to the curtain rod. 

tab top and pocket tops: The hanging height is consistent with the listed dimensions, as the curtains are measured from the top to the bottom of the pull loop or pole pocket. Therefore, the hanging height of an 84 inch long curtain from top to bottom is 84 inches. 


The width of the pavilion surface is 10 ', 1'=12 "; 10 '=120 ", two curtains are required on each side, and the width of the two curtains is at least 1.5 times the actual width of the pavilion. 120 * 1.5=180" 180/2=90 ", and the width of each curtain is at least 90", and the width of the two curtains is at least 180 "

The length of the pavilion surface is 12 ', 1'=12 ", 12 '=144", and each side requires two curtains. The width of those two curtains is at least 1.5 times the actual length of the pavilion, 144 "* 1.5=216" 216/2=108 ", and the width of each curtain is at least 108". The width of the two curtains is at least 216 " 

  1. How to hang outdoor curtains?

The easiest way to hang outdoor curtains (especially those with tab top and pocket top) is to mount curtain rods directly on a court or other outdoor space. Hold the rod in place by screwing the hardware into the wood beam, or you can choose a tension rod if you have aluminum or other metal structures. If your hard landscape does not support pole installation, you can use a kit that includes rope, hardware, turnbuckle fastening system to hang curtains from large outdoor wire ropes. The hook and wall anchor are used to make one end of the wire rope fixed to a nearby wall or beam. Thread the string through the loop or sling on the curtain. Then the other end is fixed to the point on the opposite side to ensure that enough tension is generated on the wire to prevent it from sagging.

How to hang outdoor curtains

  1. How to prevent curtains from blowing?

(1) Place heavy objects, such as gaskets or stones, on the bottom of the curtain. For example, our magnetic weight block is used for this purpose

(2) There is a wind curtain around heavy potted plants

(3) Use decorative curtain tie to fix the curtain in the middle, we can add back tab on the side and bottom corner of the curtain to pass through the tie

(4) Place curtains between heavy outdoor furniture

(5) Add Velcro straps to the curtains, our Velro tab top curtains can be used in strong winds.

(6) Clamp outdoor curtains together with a strong binder 

  1. How to hang curtains with poles?

If your patio or gazebo has wooden columns or posts to drill into, the classic curtain rod is the easiest way to do it. Make sure to choose an outdoor curtain rod, which is more durable than an indoor curtain rod and has been treated against fading and rust. To create a cohesive outdoor space, match the style and color of the poles to your outdoor doorknobs and patio furniture.

You can also use curtain rods that act by pulling, but these are only effective if your curtains are light. If you want to hang outdoor curtains without drilling, pull rods are your best choice. This method is especially useful for terraces with stone or brick columns. You can also use ceiling-mounted hardware on brick patio walls, screwing them into the patio ceiling or beams and extending a loop down to thread a curtain rod or wire through. 

  1. How to hang curtains with wire?

Installing outdoor curtains with wire is an inexpensive way to decorate your backyard. For this method, you will need large gauge wire ropes, hooks, and wall anchors. First, use hooks and wall anchors to secure one end of the wire to a nearby structure, such as a patio beam or column or the exterior of a house. Keep the wires tight when attaching them to the opposite structure. Before fixing, thread the wire through the curtain loop or panel. Also, if you use wire or rope to install curtains in a large space, you may need to add additional support; Otherwise, it may sag in the middle. 

  1. How to clean outdoor curtains? 

Figure out what they're made of first, as this is the key to cleaning and storing them to maximize their service life. For example, polyester is not suitable for dry cleaning, and hand or machine washing is recommended. In fact, most outdoor curtains are designed to be durable and withstand harsh weather, so you're unlikely to have them dry-cleaned in order to look fresh. Another helpful tip is to check the manufacturer's recommendations and follow them to the letter; If you want outdoor curtains to serve you well for years to come, details matter.


While it's important to clean outdoor curtains regularly, it's best to deal with any mess right away, as some blemishes can become more difficult to remove over time. Therefore, disposing of them as soon as possible helps to avoid frequent deep cleaning and excessive scrubbing, causing weakening or damage to the fabric. For stains like coffee spills, the first option is to use a mild dry cloth, which eliminates about 90% of the damage on moisture-resistant fabrics. If the stain is still present, you can dip the cloth in warm water and cleaner, then wipe the affected area to remove the stain. This method is suitable for synthetic materials and waterproof outdoor curtains. In addition, vacuum cleaning can be used weekly to remove dust, pollen and pet hair.


During outdoor activities such as lawn mowing, you may brush curtains, causing stubborn spots such as grass stains, oil marks, and oil stains, which may require soaking. Be careful to check that the detergent you choose will not cause discoloration. If everything looks good, let it soak for at least an hour before going to wash it. Are you pressed for time? Machine washing can also solve the problem, but to be safe, use a low-speed rotation cycle to prevent tearing or stretching.

      7. What if it still gets moldy?

What if mold finds a breeding ground on your lovely curtains? Don't worry! Unless otherwise stated in the product care instructions, you can usually use color-safe bleach to remove these marks. Make a solution of one part bleach to four parts warm water and apply it to the affected area, then allow it to absorb for about 15 minutes. The next step is to wipe the area with a microfiber cloth or sponge to help remove the stain, then rinse thoroughly to remove the residue of the bleach.

Extended knowledge

  1. How to keep curtains white?

How to keep curtains white

Natural remedies usually involve washing, but it is also possible to use fabric softener alone to help whiten curtains. If you wash them often and they still look yellow, try a fine wash in the washing machine and add 1 tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the softener tray for good results.

  1. What fabrics are the most sun-fast?

Dyed-in polyester is particularly suitable for outdoor use - it has excellent UV resistance, sun protection, wear resistance. Moreover, liquid dyed fabrics are better for the environment (less water is wasted in the production process). The fabric is light in weight but strong and durable.

  1. How to properly store outdoor curtains in off-season?

When the leaves fall and it gets cold outside, it's time to take down the outdoor curtains and move them to a safer place until the right season arrives. You should clean them first to make sure there isn't any dirt locked in the fabric. Then, fold them neatly and place them in a dark, insulated (but not humid) place, such as a closet or glove compartment. 

  1. Isn't there a rod to hold the curtains in place

Suction hooks and self-adhesive hooks are excellent alternatives to traditional curtain rods. They offer a more flexible solution for hanging curtains, especially in situations where drilling into walls or frames is not possible. 

  1. How wide should outdoor curtains be?

Standard size curtain panels are usually 50 inches wide. If you are ordering this product, purchase 2-3 more panels than your space width to achieve full coverage without having to tighten the curtains. 

  1. Should outdoor curtains touch the floor?

According to personal preference, you can choose an extra length of fabric if you want the curtain to fall to the ground. We recommend using 2 to 8 inches of extra fabric when swimming in the pool. Because these curtains collect water on the ground, they are more resistant to wind.


  1. Tips for maintaining outdoor curtains
  • Regular cleaning

It is important to clean outdoor curtains regularly. It helps prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the fabric. You can clean them with a soft brush, mild soap, and water.

  • Correct storage

When not in use, store outdoor curtains in a dry, cool place to prevent damage from moisture and pests. Be sure to fold or roll them up and store them neatly in a protective cover.

  • Remove it during extreme weather

Outdoor curtains can withstand most weather conditions. But it is best to remove it during extreme weather events. Such as hurricanes, strong winds, heavy rain or snow. This prevents damage to the curtains and ensures their service life.

  • Check for damage

Check outdoor curtains for any signs of damage, such as tears, holes, or wear. If any damage is found, it is best to repair or replace the curtains to prevent further damage.

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's care and maintenance instructions. This will ensure the service life and performance of outdoor curtains. These instructions may include specific cleaning instructions, or suggestions for storing curtains in the off-season. 

Abstract: This article through the outdoor curtain material type, suspension design, use, climate environment, privacy level, color style, measurement size length width, evaluation maintenance and other aspects of in-depth discussion, aimed at helping readers to better choose their own needs of outdoor curtains. The article also analyzes and answers the questions often encountered by customers in detail, and expands the relevant extension knowledge, so that readers can be more handy when choosing outdoor curtains. We look forward to everyone reading this article will be able to pick their own satisfaction, amazing outdoor curtains, and realize their "outdoor oasis" dream.

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