About Curtains Size

How do I determine the size of my curtains?

Regarding the width of curtains: In order to make the opened curtains more wavy and aesthetically pleasing, curtains need to have a fullness of 1.5 to 2 times. That is to say, the width of the curtain is between 1.5 and 2 times the width that needs to be covered.
For curtains with top grommets, the fullness should be greater than 1.5. Because the grommet forms wrinkles after passing through the curtain rod, the curtain cannot be opened 100%. The larger the fullness, the more beautiful the curtains will be when opened.
For curtains with tab top, the fullness should not be greater than 2, as excessive fullness will prevent the curtains between each tab from unfolding well.
Regarding the length of curtains: The actual height of the space that needs to be covered is the length of the curtains. We use the distance between the curtain rod and the bottom as the length of the curtain.
For curtains with top grommets, the length of the curtain is the distance between the top edge and the bottom edge, including the grommet.
For curtains with tab top, the length of the curtain includes the length of the tab. If you have special requirements and require an additional tab length, please let us know after placing the order. We offer special length customization.

How many curtains do I need?

Usually, we use two curtains for one opening because people can enter and exit through the gap between the two curtains. Although the gap between the two curtains cannot be seen when the curtains are opened, it is very convenient for someone to pass through the middle. Moreover, when the curtains are closed, it is more aesthetically pleasing for the two curtains to be symmetrically folded towards both sides.
Some porches have a large width and require several curtains to be used together. If you still want to use two curtains, it requires a wide width of the curtains. This is also possible. We can custom curtains size.