How to choose multifunctional outdoor curtain

As we spend a considerable amount of time indoors, either at work or at home, indoor air quality plays a significant part in our general state of health, wellbeing, and performance. This is particularly true for children, elderly people, and other vulnerable groups.

While you might afford to install fancy and expensive electric air purifiers in every room, why not just let curtains do the job?

How does PM affect the well-being of our family?

PM (also referred to as particulate matter or particle pollution), a complex mixture of solid and/or liquid particles suspended in the air, is among the main air pollutants both outdoor and indoor.

The major components of PM are sulfate nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mineral dust, and water. A significant portion of them is generated from human activities, including agricultural operations, industrial processes, construction, combustion of wood and fossil fuels, and transportation.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, PM is associated with significant health problems, including:

- exacerbation of allergic symptoms
- aggravated asthma
- increased doctor visits, etc.

PM10 (10 microns or less in diameter) are inhalable, and fine particle matter (PM in the 2.5 microns and/or smaller size range) is able to travel deeply into the respiratory system, reaching the lungs and even the bloodstream.

How do NICETOWN 4-in-1 curtains work?

The curtains are machine-washable to guarantee hygiene and long-term use but do make sure to take down the felt liner first.

More Hacks for Air-cleansing at Home
- Humidity indoor reduces the spread of airborne particulates.
- Install and use exhaust fans vented to the outside when cooking.
- Scented candles, because of the ingredients added to give them their smell, are an easily ignored emission source of PM indoor, so go burn-free if you can.

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